The Times They Are a-Changin’

I was taught at a young age how to do basic tasks on a computer; this was far before I had ever heard of the Internet. Computer class consisted of typing with our hands covered so we didn’t have to look at the keyboard and playing The Oregon Trail. Though this may seem very basic and completely irrelevant to what we don on computers today, I feel it laid the grown work for my relative ease into Internet life.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to grow up around computers and have them in my classrooms but not so many people were as fortunate. Older generations and even young people who didn’t have the opportunity to learn about computers and the Internet at a young age are now struggling because the job market is so competitive. People educated on computers have a leg up when interviewing for jobs because companies don’t want to have to train a future employee to do even basic tasks.

To help people who have recently lost their jobs due to the economic problems in our country libraries and other institutions are beginning to set up workshops to teach people basic skills. Obviously this isn’t new, but there is a large surge of people who now need to learn basic skills because they may have lost their job that never required computer skills before.

I think most people need to have some form of familiarity with the Internet and with computers in general. Times are changing and people need to keep up with them because there is a chance that you can get left behind. Computers dominate business now and without basic skills people will continue to struggle to find work.

Another interesting thought is whether or not people should be trained to use social media and social networking. Social media is becoming huge on the Internet whether it is Facebook or Twitter it is everywhere now. These sites can benefit companies greatly but I feel that not every employee needs to know how to use them, but should at least be familiar with what they are.

Like I stated earlier, times are changing and people need to be able to keep up with them or they will be left behind. Children need to be taught at an early age to use computers so that they have basic skills to get them through life. It will get to the point where not having basic computer and Internet skills will be like being illiterate.


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