To read or not to read?

It used to be that people would wake up in the morning, get their morning paper, and read it during breakfast or throughout the day. For the majority of people this isn’t the case anymore, instead of going through the morning people they skim the homepage of their paper and pick out stories that they are interested in.

No longer are people reading the paper section by section until they are finished, we are in a day where people will skim a story that is interesting online and read what they care about most. People aren’t getting the full experience of reading a newspaper and getting to know everything that is going both around their community and around the country.

There is so much content available on the web that people are beginning to substitute this content for actual books and I feel are missing out on the essence of how rewarding reading a book actually is. To be honest, I don’t like to read online, it is annoying, hurts my eyes, and I can never get comfortable when looking at a computer screen. But to hold a book in my hand is one of the most relaxing things I think I could ever do. I agree with Kim Krause Berg that reading a book and reading on the Internet are worlds apart.

This isn’t to say that technology wont ever progress enough to give a reader a good experience when reading either online or through a e-reader, im just saying it isn’t here now. Writer Victor Keegan has a different view, while originally against electronic readers, he read an entire book on an I-pod touch and said that it was “in key ways it was a much more efficient way of reading.”

Electronic reading is interesting to me; I will hopefully be able to read a book on some form of electronic device other than a computer soon. Technology is always progressing but I never see people completely abandoning books for electronic readers.


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