Take It, Take Another Piece Of Me

I feel like I have sold my soul to Facebook! They have the rights to all the content I currently have on my page, even if I choose to delete it. I cannot be the only one who has a problem with this, but now there is really nothing that can be done because I have agreed to the terms of use.

Facebook has the right to use their users content if they see fit, they can use your images as if they are their own. This seems like it over steps the boundary of what a website should do. College students use this site to keep in touch with friends, but little did we know that we were signing away so many of our rights. Facebook can literally take your image and use it in advertising as described in the link above. Had I known this originally I would have never signed up for Facebook.

If we stopped to read the terms of use policy though, I don’t think many people would understand it anyway. The terminology is very technical and I don’t understand it. That is where the problem is, we either start reading it and its too technical or we don’t even bother and just click I agree and move on. I think that they should just straight up tell us what is going on, maybe have a simple version so that we can actually know what we are looking at.

This problem doesn’t only affect Facebook though, a lot of stuff you do online is saved and can be archived. One thing I never thought about was simple instant messenger conversations. Obviously people can save what you say on those, but some programs even archive your conversations. Google Talk automatically saves your conversations to your Gmail account unless you go into the settings and turn it off. A lot of people probably don’t know this and could get in trouble because their conversations are being saved. Obviously Google isn’t claiming the rights to what you say, but this stuff is being kept around without you knowing about it and it could come back to haunt you when you least expect it.

The point is, know what your signing up for, Facebook doesn’t have to make major changes because people are still signing up without knowing what they are really doing. It sucks, but what is a little piece of your privacy if you can stay connected with your best friend from kindergarten.


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