Think before you add

“Hey, aren’t you in one of my classes? Wait which class? Really, why have we never talked before? Lets take a picture, then find me on Facebook and I will tag you.”

This is a typical bar conversation in Chico, and can be overheard almost every night of the week. This has a point though, just because you meet someone once at a bar or party that you happen to have class with do this automatically make you friends? Probably not, these people haven’t changed you or in anyway impacted your life, well other than buying you that drink that may have put you over the edge that night. So why would you want them adding you on Facebook and tagging pictures of you for everyone to see?

People are becoming too loose with what they are allowing on their Facebook profiles and MySpace pages and need to think twice before adding bar pictures or party pictures for everyone to see. Social network profiles are beginning to have long running consequences for students who are entering the job market and even now parents are getting in trouble because of their kids pages.

All I am saying is you need to be careful when it comes to social networks and what you choose to let people see. Sure party pictures are fun to look at among friends, but they don’t need to be put out there for everyone you know to see. This topic has been beaten into the ground but it is still important for people to know. I am guilty of having a Facebook and MySpace with questionable pictures, but I have been trying to clean both up and keep them for only friends to look at.

If the thought of future employers looking at your drunken pictures doesn’t scare you, then be afraid of the possible health risks of spending too much time online or on your social networking profiles.


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